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Beyoncé and Jay Z Release Surprise Album: Everything Is Love


Beyoncé and Jay Z Release Surprise Album: Everything Is Love Via:-Image source: Instagram

Did we see that coming? Hell nah!!.The Caters sure know how to keep a secret. 

The news of the album hit us when the couple announced it on their second night playing at London stadium as part of their OTR Ii tour.

Before hand, fans were rebelling and commenting on how they paid to attend beys concert and heard no album: little did they know bey and Jay were up to some high level stuff!!!

Beyoncé and Jay Z  | Image source: Instagram

Today Beyoncé posted a clip of one of the album cover of everything is love on social. Media,

Everything is love is a nine track collaboration with Shaun Carter, popularly known as Jay Z

The nine tracks featured are Summer, Apes**t, Boss, Nice, 713, Friends, Heard About Us, Black Effect and Love happy.

The album is currently only available on tidal, an artist owned streaming platform launched by Jay Z in 2014

Beyoncé and Jay Z | Source: YouTube, Beyoncé

They confirmed they have been working on the album for long now, but have gone ahead to release  Beyoncé, Lemonade and Jay Z, 4:44 individually

You sure want to see how the internet has been reacting since the unexpected news took us unawares.

Below are some hilarious reactions from people…

Tell us when you find the one that communicates how you feel about the album right now

Image source: Instagram



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