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Ahmed Musa Is A Threat To Us – Argentina

Ahmed Musa Threat To Messi

Ahmed Musa did not Just make Nigerians Happy but made the super eagles team a force to be reckoned with and feared at the Russia 2018 World cup by other teams other than ice land

What we did to iceland is already stale news by now. Tomorrow being Tuesday June 26th Nigeria is set to play against argentina once again and we are depending on Ahmed Musa the super eagles hero of the moment to do what he does best… Bring flawless victory to the super eagles

The last time ahmed musa played against Argentina he also scored against the team. Now currently being compared to the Lionel Messi of Super eagles and has performed better than Lionel messi who hasn’t scored a single goal since the  world cup started

The argentine are more than threatened, they are scared and we are giving them a hard time as admitted by Some of the Argentines in separate interviews with the Newsmen on Monday in Moscow, the Russia capital. They said the Super Eagles were in better state of mind going into the match.

We only have only individual talents but not a team. “Ahmed Musa is as dangerous as Lionel Messi but you know he has done better than the Barcelona star in Russia 2018,” Lautaro said. Matias Franco told Newsmen  that Musa had good statistics against his country but wished the CSKA Moskva player would not have a good day when the Super Eagles filed out against them. “Our performance has not been good in this competition but it is not over yet. “I hope we can have a better performance against Nigeria on Tuesday because it will be sad to leave the World Cup now. “Our defenders must be weary of Musa’s threat, he is a good player and you remember he scored two goals against us the last time we met,” Franco said.

Meanwhile Augustin Nicolas, believes that his country will beat Nigeria in the last group game on Tuesday in St. Petersburg because they are the better side.

Nicolas boasted that the Argentines would get themselves better in the game against Nigeria even though he admitted that the Super Eagles are a better side.

The Super Eagles will face the Argentines for the fourth time in the World Cup at the St. Petersburg stadium on Tomorrow Tuesday.

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