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Adekunle Gold in a relationship with…Simi?

Much-loved and highlife singer-songwriter have easily become one of our favourites over time. Their music gives us all kinds of good feelings. Hardworking and talented, these two have come a long way in the music industry. Together.

It’s only natural that fans express interest in them, even in their love life. They have been paired as a couple for so long, drawing from their songs together, videos and pictures. 

In a recent interview with Goldmine TV,  Adekunle Gold mentioned how Simi has been a great friend and very instrumental in his music career. However, he expressed his displeasure at our excessive inquisition of he and Simi’s relationship status. From his interview, you can tell he has had it with us and our obsession with their love life.

Here’s a clip from his interview:

Apologies Adekunle Gold, but we just love you and Simi, and how you both look good together!

Here are some cute pictures: 

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