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Actress Brigitte Nielsen Shares First Photo Of Her Baby She Birthed At 54years Old


If you know Sylvester Stallone well enough then you should know his Ex wife  Brigitte Nielson the then very famous Danish actress.

She has shared the first picture of her her baby girl after giving birth last week Friday, in Los Angeles.

The child is her first with her fifth husband Mattia Dessi  who is 39 years old 

Before then, the actress had a blissful pregnancy months carrying her baby.

During which She had the support of her 39 years old husband throughout her pregnancy

During her last weeks they were both spotted taking a Walk.. Both visibly fond of each other. 

The actress, having spent the first precious days of her child with her alone in her own privacy has decided to share her with the world… With us. 

The photo she shared captures her holding her daughter in a cradle position sitting on a hospital bed and surrounded by balloons flowers and Teddy bear

First photo of 54 years old briggete Nielson and daughter Frida via Instagram

She captioned the Image

“Our precious little Frida, our true love from mirror” 

The Danish actress is still beautiful and radiant.

although, now adorned with age and a new life in in the person of her newly born child

She continues to look radiant and lovely!

She is still owning it. Even beside her husband who is way younger than her

She might be advanced in  age but one thing we cannot  overlook is that she still has the good ol’ flair.

The same flair from her early years as an actress that had many crushing and wishing she was theirs back in the late 20’s.

Congratulations to the actress and her husband on their new baby Frida! 




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