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Actor Ik Ogbonna Runs Into Trouble With His Wife Sonia

– Actor Ik Ogbonna Runs Into Trouble With His Wife Sonia

Nollywood Actor Ik Ogbonna and his white wife Sonia are both love birds on Instagram 

With him always showering her with praise and adoration it would be hard for anyone who knows him not to know his beautiful wife Sonia

She is also not left out in this show of matrimonial affection.

Given they both have pictures of both of them as their Instagram display picture

However there seem to be fire on the mountain at the moment

The actor amidst his many many busy schedule as is expected of actors has forgotten their wedding anniversary


Now, if you know how seriously women take such act of carelessness that could come off as you are too busy for your relationship

Well Then, you already can tell the kind of trouble  Ogbonna has gotten himself into.

The actor has taken to his Instagram to ask his friends and fans what to do  in this serious situation.

He captioned a picture of her thus

“How do you tell your wife you are sorry when you forget your wedding anniversary. Any idea guys? Cos I am in some kind of trouble as it stands” 

Amazingly, many of them have gone on to offer him hilarious escape excuses he could never have come up with by himself….LOL!

Find hilarious responses below


Well, Any advise for the actor and wife? 


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