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21 Savage Says He’s Been Getting Way Richer After Deciding To Stop Buying Expensive Jewelries

African American Rapper, Twenty-one savage in February had the manager share that he will no longer be buying expensive Jewelry,  But rather he will be buying houses, investing in a business and creating  crypto and youth startups 

Buying expensive Jewelry among American rappers are needless to say, a culture. As normal and as old as Rap culture itself.

Every American Rapper better have expensive gold Chains dangling around their necks, nose, ears, teeth and everywhere some expensive Gold fits

You are not recognized in the game if you don’t have those dangling on you and around you.

When 21 Savage declared this news. A lot of eyebrows were raised.

Could he be going bankrupt or is it just a choice and nothing more

Well, in an interview with Vogue magazine. He explained his reasons.

“I stopped wearing Jewelry for a couple of reasons. One is because everybody wears Jewelry. I outgrew it. I’m getting a little wiser and growing”

Did he make the right choice by investing his money instead of spending it on Jewelries???


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