How To Treat & Cure Body Odour

Although, there are countless deodorants and products to blend and neutralize body odour, not all of them are healthy. Many of them clog your sweat glands, not allowing them to perform one of their main functions – getting rid of bodily toxins. While sweat in itself is odourless, when your body’s processes malfunction it’s your sweat glands that lend to body odour issues. Here’s looking at what you can do to stop body odour from becoming a problem for you, and the solution, as always, begins with the right food.

Dietary habits that may result in body odour:

Red meat intake without adequate attention to vegetables, fruits and cereals is a primary cause of body odour. This does not mean that someone who consumes a lot of red meat smells bad. As with everything else, moderation is the answer.

Excessive red meat intake in the absence of a well balanced diet can wreak havoc with your body’s digestive functions. A well-rounded, balanced meal is crucial to avoid body odour worries through over-the-top red meat consumption.

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