Top 7 Skincare Secrets Everyone Needs To Know Right Now

Looking good has been a very big challenge to almost everyone. With tons of scientific research and evidence showing us how to look our best, it has never been simpler to become the best version of ourselves!

1. Avoid soap.

Soap is one of the harshest substances for your skin. It has a high pH that scrubs off everything from the surface of the skin – not just dirt and grime but natural nutrients, oils and moisture as well. Instead of using detergent-based soaps, look for foam-free or sulphate-free cleansers. They will gently remove the oil while still retaining your skin’s natural balance.

2. Don’t over wash your face.

The heat makes you want to wash your face several times a day. But doing so causes the oil-producing glands in your skin to produce excess sebum, making your face super oily. If you absolutely must get the grime off your face in the middle of the day, wash it with plain water.

3. Use balanced cleansers on your face.

The skin’s pH is 5.5. Soap has a pH of 8 and above, which weakens the epidermis (outer layer of the skin) and allows allergens and

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