15 Things Women Only Do In Front Of Each Other (Sorry Guys)

15 Things Women Only Do In Front Of Each Other – The secret life of girls is one that men think they want to penetrate, but instantly regret it when they do. But at the end of the day, the reality is that girls fart, smell themselves, envy other women’s breast and even cuddle, yes cuddle. Who doesn’t like a good spoon? And the fact is, girls will do something shady in front of one another faster than they will in front of their boyfriends, or even their husbands. Have you ever wondered why your girlfriend is always on the phone with her friends or at their house all the time? Simple, she can let loose without feeling like she has to be perfect and hold in that gas until you fall asleep.

15. They Share A Bathroom Stall

They Share A Bathroom Stall

It is no secret that girls have no problems with sharing a stall. If you have a friend who has not been in a stall with you while peeing then you should be very weary of her intentions. These kinds of shenanigans usually take place after a long night of clubbing and an even longer time of standing in the line to get rid of all that alcohol you ingested. There is no shame in a best friends game and she feels no type of way as you wipe and flush. The only problem is she wants you to hurry up because she is next and cannot hold it any longer.

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