Photo of Woman Carrying Baby in Handbag Sparks Outrage

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Woman Carrying Baby in Handbag Sparks shock

It is common for people to carry pretty dogs and cats in handbags. Carrying a baby in a handbag is rare. I mean, who does that?

26 year old woman from China thinks otherwise. Xue Hsueh, thought carrying her nine month old son in her designer handbag would be a great idea. Xue Hsueh happily posted the picture online.

Minutes after uploading the picture on social media, instead of praises, Hsueh received widespread criticism from people who were online at that moment who saw the picture.

After all the criticisms, Hsueh has defended her act, she claimed that her nine month old baby stayed in the handbag for a very short period of time. The lady also said it was all a joke as she was talking to her friends about what men would do if their responsibility was to take care of the child.

She also claimed her son enjoyed himself and had fun, and she uploaded the image to put smiles on people’s faces.

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