One in 200 Million: Identical Triplet Boys Born, See How Their Mother Tells Them Apart!

 Identical Triplet Boys Born, See How Their Mother Tells Them Apart – Becki-Jo Allen is a 23-year old woman from Liverpool who recently gave birth to identical triplet boys, which is an incredible rarity.
Becki-Jo was surprised to learn that she was carrying triplets, and was incredibly happy to find out that the triplets were identical boys after a DNA test. And while some people speculate that the boys were artificially conceived, Becki-Jo says that it is nonsense – the boys were conceived naturally against up to one in 200 million odds!

She says that she no longer has problems telling them apart. “It was difficult after they were born, but I have never mixed them up. They all have a mole around the eyebrows – Roman’s mole is a little darker, while Rohan has another one on his leg. The doctors were amazed when they saw that they were identical, and told me that this is an extreme rarity,” Becki-Jo says.

Identical Triplet Boys
The boys were delivered via C-section after 31 weeks in the womb, each weighing a little more than 3 pounds.

“Rohan is the loud one. He’s always shouting,” Allen says. “Rocco is normally quite laid-back, but he can be feisty, too. While Roman is usually complaining that he doesn’t want to share.” The triplets use about 130 baby diapers weekly, 4 tissue boxes and the washing machine hasn’t stopped running since they were born. The father of the boys, Liam Tierney, doesn’t live with Becki-Jo, but helps in any way he can.

Identical Triplet twin boys


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