How To Know If She is Not Into You


How To Know If She is Not Into You, especially when into a chat conversation. I’m dropping this because it would be an eye opener for the ladies who have poor communication skill but would never admit it. Majority of them are most likely to blame it on their mood or because they are not into you (if I hear)

Lemme quickly chip in this. Guys please never force any lady to chat with you and never hesitate to DELETE any lady that is always waiting for you to message her first. More so, someone who values and cherishes you will always check on you unconditionally

Lemme keep the ball rolling grin emoticon

Annoying Things Ladies Do That Kills Chat Which Makes Us Guys Delete Them

Note: I’m NOT trying to say the use of abbreviations are forbidden in an online chat

Let me start

  •  The of use Kkk

I have made a little research and I have come to conclusion that 100% of guys detest it with passion. I personally place ladies who reply with the use of “kk” on probation and as soon as they are not ready to change. DELETE

  •  Post Me First

I guess this should come second. An average Nigerian would definitely be waiting for you to message her first else, she might remain in your list till the end of time without thinking you exist.

  • You Are A Guy So You Should Lead The Chat

I’m not trying to say this is bad but it shouldn’t happen every time. Since chat should be a two-sided thing, the flow shouldn’t always come from one side

  • I Have No Gist

Most ladies don’t know how to keep a convo running because they aren’t innovative. You always have nothing to talk about. Let’s have a gist of how your day went, you just can’t give a summary of it. It’s one of those things that makes us delete them

  • The use of “Same”

When you can take your own time to type a full sentence, only for someone to give a “one-word” as reply. I mean what kind of laziness is that ? Let’s assume you reply ” my night was worthwhile and I thank God for seeing the light of a new day” and you inquired about her night and you got the reply ” Same” isn’t that annoying ?

  •  Chatting With Us Only In Time Of Need

When some ladies in your list message you, without reading the message you already know it’s either they need you to render help or financial assistance

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