Gtbank Mobile App: Download & Get Started

Gtbank Mobile App: Download & Get Started – Gtbank Online – GTBank mobile internet banking application is another innovation from this fantastic bank.

In this post, I will talk about how you can download, install and use the GTBank’s mobile banking app and explore some of its features.

Gtbank Mobile App: Download & Get Started - Gtbank Online

This post will provide you with the necessary information that is needed to efficiently get the GTBank Application on the go via your mobile.

But before then, let us take a quick look at the mobile applications of Guarantee Trust Bank Gtbank Mobile App: Download & Get Started - Gtbank Online(GTBank).

GTBank is considered as one of the most innovative banks in Nigeria and Africa, with quite a number of awards as a result.

Also, GTBank is one of the earliest banks to debut mobile banking on smartphones and Mobile wallet on general mobile devices.

With much emphasis laid on almost everything, the GTBank app serves as a mini bank in your mobile, where you can carry out quite all your bank transactions.

GTBank’s mobile banking application for Android and iPhone allows customers with an account with the bank enjoy a seamless and smooth transaction portal that may see that they have no need to step foot in the bank all year round.

The banking app, once installed becomes your own personal and confidential teller that attends to only you, and no one else.

The structures of the Android and iPhone GTBank Mobile apps are basically the same, with their platforms, the major difference.

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Download GTBank Mobile App for your Smartphone

Before the innovation of mobile banking, there was always online/internet banking. As a matter of fact, people tend to carry out, on a daily basis the larger amount of their internet activities on their mobile devices.

This activity nonetheless, created a demand for a financial institution to merge with I.T firms to provide an online mobile banking experience that makes an easy flow from web to mobile.

The level of innovation of mobile banking applications on Smartphones is one of the features that make the mobile devices ‘smart’.

All functional banks in Nigeria have their various mobile banking applications that run fully on the two major Smartphone platforms – Android and iOS.

With the web and everything else going online, means banks can seamlessly take the competition out of the water with the offer of mobile banking.

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GTBank Mobile App: Advantages and It’s Uses

The GTBank mobile app provides every GTBank account holder with benefits and experience like no other. The GTBank mobile banking app provides the following services to customers:

  • With the mobile app, you can view your account balance on the go/online.
  • Allows you preview your transaction history and manage your account.
  • Payment of bills and other subscriptions can be done from the GTBank mobile app, which includes payment of Cable TV bills (MyTV, DSTV, GOtv, StarTimes, and so on), Electricity bills, and so on.
  • You can also fund your e-commerce wallet straight from your mobile app.
  • The GTBank mobile bank app helps you make fund transfers to own account(s) and other accounts (both GTBank account holders and other banks).
  • Hot-list card and manage your debit/credit card
  • The app lets you make some changes to your bank account, like your email address, phone number, and other details.
  • You can confirm and manage your cheques.
  • Lets you pay visa fees and flight tickets all from your mobile.
  • If your school is pre-registered with GTBank, you can pay school fees straight from your mobile app (provided).

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GTBank Mobile Application lets you easily switch from Mobile Banking to Mobile Wallet (better referred to as ‘mWallet’).

The Mobile Wallet can be used to make payments and also, it gives the user the option to transfer money to family and friends.

To use the mWallet, your account number (wallet/user ID) is always your registered phone number. The reason you have more mWallet users than GTBank account holders is because you don’t have to own a UBA bank account to access and enjoy the services that mWallet offers; Although, the service is restricted to mobile devices only.

How to Register and Download GTBank Mobile App

It is important to note that before you can successfully use GTBank’s Mobile app, you need to have pre-registered for their internet/online banking.

This is because the number issued to you at the point of registration is the same number you would use as your username on the GTB Mobile Banking app.

The same password also works for both the internet banking and the GTB Mobile app login.

If you ever forget the password you used on the time of registration, simply click on the ‘Forgot Password’ link beneath the login form. With that settled, let’s proceed to How to download the application. First you

  • Visit your mobile device’s App store (Google Play Store for Android and Apple store for iOS).
  • Search for ‘GTBank’ and click on the ‘download/install’ button.
  • Launch the App and input your User ID and password.
  • You can then easily navigate around the options on the left-hand panel of the app.

It is advised that you make use of your personal mobile device for delicate activities like your mobile banking.

  • You will be required at your first time of using the app to verify it’s you preferred device. (Choose ‘Yes’ if it’s your device and choose ‘No’ if the device belongs to someone else).
  • You would also need to select the transaction verification mode. Select ‘TOKEN’ if you have an internet transaction token, or select ‘PIN’ if you want to use one-time generated verification numbers. As a matter of fact, both are equally secure or token).
  • For the final verification, a 5-digit secure code will be sent via SMS to the number you registered with your account. Enter the code, and you’re good to go!

Please note that your banking apps are some the most vital apps on your mobile device and to keep you secure, GTBank mobile app automatically times out after over a minute of inactivity.

Also, you can tender your complaints and get help by simply clicking on links, beneath the app’s login form.

Finally, I hope this post serves as an eye opener for you to realize the immense need for having the GTBank Mobile application for both your Android and iPhone devices. Cheers!

For more info: Visit GTBank page.


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