Editorial: Nicki Minaj’s Best Ass/Booty Moments



Nicki Minaj almost brought down the internet when her artwork for “Anaconda” was unveiled, so many headlines carried the story of how Nicki Minaj exposed her body just to get attention, as well as Nicki Minaj’s criticism of the headlines.

The artwork really gave Nicki Minaj what she was craving for, men all over the world got tasty after seeing the artwork. We decided to compile some of the greatest moments of Nicki Minaj’s twerking and shaking of what her mama gave her pictures.

Amazing pictures for your viewing pleasure, pictures that world make you remember that women have power.

Pictures are belownickiminajbooty9_10 nickiminaj_anaconda_85 nickiminajbooty8_52 nickiminajbooty6_33 nickiminajbooty7_64 nicki minaj 261110 nickiminajbooty11_88 nickiminajbooty4_95 nickiminajbooty3_46 nickiminajbooty1_91 nickiminajbooty14_34


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