Gen. Buhari & VP. Sambo Fail To Present Their Certificates To INEC



Buhari & VP. Sambo Fail To Present Certificates To INEC

Vice President of Nigeria, vice presidential candidate of Peoples Democratic Party(PDP) Namadi Sambo and Presidential candidate of All Progressive Congress (APC) General Muhammadu Buhari, have both failed to submit their certificates to the Independent National Electoral Commission. These documents are to be tendered by electoral candidates before the election commences.

Vice president Namadi Sambo submitted his nomination form to INEC on 10th of December but failed to submit his certificates, stating on his form that his BSc and MSc certificates from his University, Ahmadu Bello University ABU got burnt in a fire incident. However, the VP also wrote on his form a “To Whom It May Concern” letter from authorities of the ABU stating that he was a student of their school.

Part of the letter sent reads:

I certify that the above-named person having completed an approved course of study and passed the prescribed examinations was awarded the Bachelor of Science (Architecture) with Second Class Honours (Lower Division) in 1976 by the Senate of this University. His original certificate got burnt. Please treat his case in view of this certification. Thank you.

General Buhari who also failed to present his certificates to INEC said all his certificates are with the Military board and not at his disposal. However, Buhari presented a sworn affidavit at High Court Abuja on November 24th.

The Affidavit reads:

“I am the above-named person and deponent to this affidavit therein. All my academic qualifications documents as filled in my presidential form, President APC/001/2015, are currently with the Secretary, Military Board as of the time of presenting this affidavit. The affidavit is made in good faith and for record purpose.

All candidates are expected to tender their certificates before the Election. President Jonathan has tendered his according to reports.

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