How to Apply Attractive Makeup

How to Apply Attractive Makeup

Are you getting ready for that special event? Do you want to be the center of attraction at the occasion? Then try these few makeup steps from StarNaija.

Step 1) Your face should be clean and moisturized for a start. Apply the foundation. Powder is reliable liquid will melt off eventually. Avoiding the eyes and lips apply an even amount throughout your face thoroughly.

Step 2) Apply Eye Primer. To make your eye shadow stay longer and it also helps it to be more colorful.

Step 3) Apply Eyeliner and Mascara On Both Eye Lashes. Make sure the mascara gets to every lash, also apply your eyeliner onto your waterline. Make sure your lashes are curled too.

Step 4) Using your favorite eye shadow, start at the ball of your eye and work your way up.

Step 5) Apply Blusher: Blusher makes your face more beautiful and appealing. Make sure you smile while putting your blusher on as this technique shows your cheek bones better.
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Step 6) Apply Your Lipstick: Start off with a lip plumper, using a very small amount, and then add lipstick to it. Apply this making sure you apply on the corners of your lips too. Finish with a nice lip-gloss to add a nice sheen to your lipstick as well as your lips.

You are now good to go. Make sure you apply all steps appropriately.

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