8 Home Remedies To Make Your Face Glowing & Beautiful

Most of our markets and malls are filled with different expensive facial products ironically most of them are made with harmful chemicals that end up damaging your skin.

You should know you can boycott the use of these harmful products with simple and natural home made treatments and still get the flawless face of life..

Here are some of my special home treatment enjoy!

1. Banana Peels

People just throw away banana peels after eating the banana unaware of the magic the peels can work on their skins. Rob the inner part (white part) of a banana peel on your face and neck, leave for about 20 minutes and rinse off with warm water, this will make your face glow.

2. Dried and Grounded sweet orange peels

Don’t throw away the peels because when it is dried and grounded, it can be used as facial mask when

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