7 Qualities All Worthy Men Should Have

 7 Qualities All Worthy Men Should Have – you want to make sure your own man meets these standards, too. Too many women settle for less than what they deserve, so let’s raise the bar and make men be real men again! As you’re reading this, make sure you also have these qualities so you can be a high caliber lady.


1. Stable emotions

If a guy is moody and you never know if he’s going to nice to you or blow you off, he is not a keeper. You need someone who helps you to feel comfortable and secure in the relationship by showing that he is in control of his emotions.

Notice if he’s complaining, talking negatively about others, focused on problems or there’s always some sort of drama. He should have his head on his shoulders and be able to handle some stress. He needs to have some tools to monitor his emotions so you don’t become a sounding board for his word vomit.

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