5 Unbelievable Things That Happen To You When You Don’t Drink Enough Water

1. Your Eyes Are Dry

By now it should be clear that drinking water 💧 affects more than just your mouth and throat. A lack of water intake leads to dry, bloodshot eyes . Without water in the body, your tear ducts dry up. realize that this could cause much more harm to your eyes, especially if you wear contacts on a daily basis.

2. Unbalancing of body weight

Not drinking enough water may have a detrimental effect on our weight. First of all, not having enough liquids means that toxins and fats are not eliminated accordingly, starting to build up in your organism. Also, not drinking enough fluids will make you hungry, feeling the need to fill that void in the stomach, increasing your food intake. If you start to drink enough water, your stomach will always be filled in a particular proportion, saving you from feeling hungry and helping you to lose weight.

3. Skin problems

The skin is the biggest organ in our body. We already talked about how it can get dried from the lack of water. But there are other issues that may be even more dangerous if we do not drink enough water. Due to insufficient amounts of liquids, the body cannot discharge the

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