5 Types Of Women Who Will Only End Up Wasting Your Time

She’s Still Into Her Ex

If she’s the type that can’t get over her ex, it’s probably ’cause she still got feelings for him and chances are they are still having intimate relationship.

When her emotions are elsewhere, you’ll never connect on a deeper level. Though you might be able tohave a fling or a rebound relationship with her, have it in mind that you may not progress any further.

The “Let’s Just Be Friends

This classic line is what most women say to let a guy down gently. That’s just her being nice and not telling you bluntly that she’s not interested. Truth is, she doesn’t see you as a potential romantic partner. If this is what she says anytime you make advances, bruh, you’ve been friend-zoned. You should move on as quickly as possible to avoid wasting your time and putting yourself through a fruitless emotional see-saw.

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