5 Things Women With Amazing Skin Always Do Before Bed (With Photos)

Things Women With Amazing Skin Always Do Before Bed –   It takes more than getting your daily dose of beauty rest to have amazing skin. It requires a consistent pre-bedtime beauty regimen that delivers satisfying results.

1. Embrace double cleansingEmbrace double cleansing

If you wear makeup every day, you surely know how stubborn it can be to remove before you go to sleep. This is even truer when you use makeup (including eye shadow, eyeliner, mascara and foundation) that lasts for 12 to 24 hours (most makeup actually).

They don’t dissolve easily with regular soap and water.

With this said, take inspiration from the example of Korean skincare experts: double cleansing. Here’s how it works. You apply an oil-based cleanser to your face followed by your preferred gentle and light facial cleanser to make sure your skin is free of any residue and hidden grime.

You’ll be surprised how easy your makeup will be to remove without leaving any trace when you wake up the next day!

2. Never sleep without giving your skin some moisture

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