5 Things Your Shoes Say About You

5 Things Your Shoes Say About You – It sounds like one of those old wives’ tales that you always hear about whether it’s a missive about how long you’re going to live based on the lines on the palm of your hand or an estimation of how warm someone’s heart is based on the temperature and tightness of his or her handshake

5 Things Your Shoes Say About You

However, there is another of these seemingly twee axioms that appears to be grounded in truth. Apparently our shoes can actually say a lot about our personalities, and they are not for keeping quiet.

We’ve done our research and come up with the seven most common things that your footwear choices say about you.

#1 You Wouldn’t Dream of Wearing Anything Less than a Five-Inch Stiletto

Five-Inch Stiletto starnaijaApparently, you like attention – a lot of attention. Your confidence in enviable, but when it comes to dressing for an event, you sometimes have a hard time scaling back when the occasion calls for it. But hey, better to be overdressed than underdressed, right?

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#2 Your Highest Pair of Heels is a Pair of Ballet Flats

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