5 Smart Ways To Resolve The 5 Enemies That Wants To Destroy Your Relationship

Below are five ways to resolve the five enemies that want to destroy your relationship:

  • UNSELFISHNESS: If you want to have a successful relationship, it will be important to think of your partner’s good interest first before yours. This may sound unrealistic but if carefully practiced, you will be amazed how this principle will turn your relationship around for good.
  • MUTUAL RESPECT: Respect is reciprocal and relationship is not an exception. It is always important to have value and respect for each other’s opinion. Even if you do not totally agree with it, you can politely express your difference in opinion in a lovely manner without hurting your partner in words. It is also  important not to get so used to each other that you completely forget or ignore the mutual respect that existed at the initial stage of your relationship.
  • MUTUAL UNDERSTANDING: No relationship can succeed without understanding of each other’s weakness and backgrounds. Focusing more on each other’s strength and ability will help strengthen the relationship more than otherwise. Love is largely driven by understanding!
  • FRIEND’S INFLUENCE: Your relationship is only between you and your partner. Your friends are secondary and should be kept so. Allowing your friends to negatively (directly or indirectly) influence your relationship will do you more harm than good. This does not mean you cannot discuss some things in your relationship with your friends but not to the point of discussing very sensitive information about your relationship with them.
  • PARENTAL INFLUENCE: Just like the point (Friend’s Influence) discussed before now, parental (especially mothers) is not an exception. Allowing parental negative influence in a relationship is unwise and should be avoided by all means. It also displays a sign of immaturity on the part of the either party that is involved.

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