5 Nigerian Foods Your Nigerian Party Must Have Verity Awala 2 days ago

5 types of Nigerian foods you must include in your menu…

Nigerian jollof rice
We need not tell you this is the number one food Nigerians want to see at a party. We have people craving for party jollof rice even when there is no party because the party jollof rice is thought to be completely different from the one cooked at home.
So while your guests are engaged with the program of the day, they do not expect the table to empty and dry. Nigerians want to see small chops in small disposable plates served on the table. They do not joke with the puff-puff, samosas, steak meat that would be served there. While they wait for the famous party rice, they want to keep their mouths busy. The oyinbo people call it appetizer.
Different classes of people would attend your party so you have to put this into consideration when planning the party. The older people in the society prefer to eat pounded yam and expect to find this or any other solid food on the menu. Have you heard the saying butter is not the food for monkeys? That is how people in that class regard rice. They would rather go for a heavier meal.
If the party is a classy one, Nigerians expect to see a variety of foods set on the menu. Porridge is one food Nigerians do not joke with at parties as many people would love to go for it. Depending on how well made it is, you will be surprised to see that this does not last till the end of the party.
Nigerians are known to be a fan of hot amala especially when the soup is gbegiri mixed with ewedu and in order case efo riro.
Did we just make you hungry???

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