5 Body Goals You Need to Break Up With

A trainer lets you in on the ones you should be working toward instead.

5 Body Goals You Need to Break Up With

As a personal trainer and strength coach who’s worked with hundreds of women over the past seven years, I get it: Getting fit can initially (and after the fourth or fifth attempt) seem really, really hard. You end up joining a gym with the best intentions to really “stick with it this time,” but inevitably your motivation fizzles and your goal of hitting the gym every day whittles down to three days a week, then once a week, and eventually you’re lucky if you get there once a month. Or year.

Like I said, I get it. In every initial consultation, I’ll hear various reasons why a woman decided to walk through the doors of the gym.

“I want to lose weight for my high school reunion.”

“I want to have a lean physique like Cameron Diaz.”

“I want to get ready for bikini season.”

Inspiration-based goals like these may get you to walk through the doors of a gym, but in the long run, likely won’t keep you there, because: (1) They don’t lead to a specific action, and (2) they aren’t any fun! Goals that are based on comparing yourself to someone else or that are rooted in self-loathing lack direction and are, inevitably, self-defeating. (Pssst: If you want to look like Cameron Diaz, you’ll have to be born as Cameron Diaz.)

If you’re tired of experiencing the workout-related frustrations that inevitably follow goals like these, consider changing what I call “inspiration goals” to what I like to think of as “action goals.” Because getting fit is a lot more fun and a lot easier to stick with when you’re working toward something that gets you amped to beat your own personal bests

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