5 Adorable Things Guys Love About Girls

Here are 5 adorable this guys love about girls, this list will shock you

Lighting up when you get excited


As you’ll notice, many of the things on this list are a little bit childish. There’s nothing wrong with that at all. Guys love that as long as you have a mature adult side too. Acting like a kid is funny and makes us swoon.

When your eyes light up because you suddenly get super excited about something, it’s so cute, especially if you jump on us or something like that. Whatever it may be that you saw or heard that got you so excited, we love to see you get happy randomly. We really like to see something have that effect on anyone, especially you.

Having a cute laugh

A cute laugh definitely makes a girl more charming. Your laugh can be contagious. It makes us want to crack more jokes too. If you laugh at all of our jokes, even the bad ones, we feel like you really like us. Be careful, though, the more jokes of ours that aren’t that good that you laugh at, the more of them we’re ultimately going to tell you.

Horsing around


Playing with your hair

Guys definitely like to see a girl play with her hair, whether it’s intentional or not. It has some kind of magical attraction effect on us. We also see it as a sign of interest, which is always nice. A girl’s hair is a source of attraction by itself. Playing with it adds to that!

Saying our name

The beautiful sound of a girl’s voice saying our name is irresistible. We love the way you say it. We like the little nicknames you have for us too, but they don’t have the same impact as when we hear you say our real name. Our real name will get our attention faster than saying anything else.

Smiling in the middle of a kiss


This is just the most adorable thing that couples do. You can tell they are really happy when they keep smiling and laughing for no reason. Guys think it’s so sweet. When you do that, we can’t help but do it too.

Trying to wear our clothing even though it’s way too big

When you put on our shirt and it’s super baggy, it looks funny but there’s something more about it that we really like. Maybe it’s because that kind of behavior is indicative of a relationship and the act of it makes us to subconsciously identify you as our girlfriend. Or, it could just be that the cuteness of how tiny you look steals our heart. We don’t know why, but we definitely like it.

Putting on lip gloss


Guys like to see when a girl puts on lip gloss or even lip balm. Not only do we like to see your lips all glossed up and pretty, we like watching you apply it. We also know that your lips will be moist and it makes us want to kiss you.

Smelling like a girl

The smell of a girl’s shampoo, perfume, or even just her natural scent is something we crave. Even if a beautiful girl walks past us in public, we might breathe deep to get a whiff of that amazing girl smell that we go crazy for. The girl smell adds to the sweetness of hugging you tenfold.

If you do all of the things above, your boyfriend or your next date will find you super adorable and will want to kiss y

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