11 Powerful Tips That Will Make Her Go Crazy In Bed [Try Number 11]

Irrespective of how many times you have done it, these simple technics will make her desire for more. Here are 11 things you must do.
1. Dirty Talk
Whisper in her ear what you plan to do to her and she won’t be able to resist you.

2. Touch Her At Different Places
Run your hands down and around her body, graze them against her inner thighs, touch every inch till she melts in your hands as you give her a long, passionate kiss.

3. Pay Special Attention To Her Ears

Bite them gently if you can

4. Massage Her Sensitive Areas

5. Take Off Her Clothes, Slowly
When it comes to undressing her, never rush. Take it slow; tease her into the act of getting naked.

6. Surprise Her With A New Move
As you kiss her down the neck gently, catch her off guard by unhooking her bra with one hand – a move she just won’t be expecting.

7. Play With Her Breasts Right

8. Multitask
A tongue, two hands, ten fingers – endless possibilities. As you play with her clitoris with her fingers, lick her breasts or run your hands over her body and she’ll be groaning and moaning in no time.

9. Kiss Her Inner Thighs

Kiss her legs and move up. Gently kiss her inner thighs, lick them.

10. Look Her In The Eye
While it may not be a big deal for you, women love it when their partners look into their eyes while making love to them.

11. Lick Her cl itoris
Go down on her and lick her clitoris with the tip of your tongue.

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