10 Signs Your Partner Thinks You Suck In Bed


Being told that you are bad in bed is like a horror story, not to mention embarrassing and eye opening. Sx is a topic that no one wants to look like an amateur at; in fact, the importance of it seems to increase daily as we are bombarded with hyper-sxual media. It comes off as a competition to most people, which may be why so many of us are so bad at it; we want to prove that we can have sx with as many people as possible instead of perfecting our technique with that one special person. The old saying of quality not quantity has never been so untrue unfortunately; society seems to let this concept go over its head. Taking the time to perfect your craft with one person is better than going around and sucking up the universe with your god awful sx techniques. Ultimately, you end up making yourself look like a fool and being left wondering why oh why it didn’t work out this time, last time or the time before that. There are always a few key signs that indicate that someone is flat out horrible at sx; over confidence, not enough confidence, lack of communication, unaware of what is going on around them and so on and so forth. Nobody wants to suck in bed. So, let this list be somewhat of a guide to you and keep you one step ahead of the inevitable scenario that is no good, horrible, very bad sx.


10. You Don’t Try Anything New

 You Suck In Bed

Fear has paralyzed you; you probably assume you suck in bed so you avoid trying anything new. You lack imagination and experience, so you end up looking like an amateur in this s*x game; a lack of trying something new means you like to stick to your routine which can be rather boring, especially if you have been in a relationship for over a significant period of time. Your lack of imagination is a sign for those you are courting that you just may be as dull in bed as you are in person. So if you find that you have a lack of exciting thoughts and cannot live in your head for entertainment every once in a while; you may be just as boring between the sheets.

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