10 Partner Habits that Can Drive You to Cheat


#3 Poor hygiene. Euuughhhh… Not nice. You seem to have acquired a partner who believes you are so blindly devoted to them, that they can stop taking care of themselves without risking any upset to the relationship. You might have had strong feelings for them once, but these are swiftly dissolving in a stagnant mire of filth and stench.

Drive You to Cheat,10 Partner Habits that Can Drive You to Cheat

Poor hygiene isn’t just an indication of laziness or poor self-esteem, it is also a sign they have lost respect for others around them, including you. No sane individual would blame you in these circumstances for running off with the well groomed and good looking kind of individual who you would be proud to be seen out and about with.

#4 Temper tantrums. First of all, let’s distinguish between aggression and a temper tantrum. The former is a type of violence that should never be tolerated, and should immediately lead to separation. Temper tantrums are silly and juvenile forms of expressing dissatisfaction with not getting your own way, a barely acceptable way of behaving even for a toddler, never mind a fully grown adult.

If this particular type of annoying behavior is one that your partner displays, then nobody could blame you for seeking more mature company elsewhere. Justifiable cheating? Quite possibly. [Read: How to keep your womanliness clean and smelling fresh]

#5 Jealousy. This is a particularly nasty behavior trait, as it displays a need to control the other person in the relationship. The guilty party doesn’t feel in control when other people are seen to bear any kind of influence upon you – whether they actually do or not – and responds in this most negative of ways.

This person probably moans about your friends and family, rings you up twenty to thirty times a day, and constantly accuses you of all kinds of misbehavior, thus making your life miserable. If you choose to treat this behavior with the contempt it deserves, and actually give them something to moan about for a change, then nobody could really blame you.

#6 An absent sex life. A physical relationship is a good relationship. It creates a feeling of closeness, negates tensions and stresses, strengthens the already existing bond of a couple, and generally indicates a healthy and positive rapport.

It can be quite common for this side of the relationship to deteriorate over time, for a number of reasons, so that some work is needed to get it back up to scratch. If, however, you’ve put the time in, but no response is forthcoming, then it is probably quite justifiable that you look for it elsewhere, and that makes an absent sex life one of the most common reasons for cheating in general.

#7 Smothering. Not quite the same as jealousy, smothering is when your other half has sacrificed everything in their own personal sphere to be with you, and expects you to follow suit. Consequently, they follow you closer than your own shadow, stalking you around the house, insisting on coming with you every time you nip out to do a bit of gardening or buy a newspaper.

It isn’t a control thing, more of an insecurity problem, but it still has the same effect of strangling the life out of you. No wonder you’re thinking of putting a bit of fizz back into your world by finding excitement with someone else. [Read: How To Clear Your Skin from Dark Spots]

#8 Laziness. One of the most annoying behaviors, a partner who can’t be bothered to go out with you, can’t be bothered to help around the house, can’t be bothered to go on holiday, can’t be bothered to get out of the chair, can’t be bothered to work even… well, why should you be bothered to make the effort to stay faithful? [Read: The Best Way on How to Apply Attractive Makeup]

#9 Single-minded. Not the focused kind of single-minded but the kind in which your partner actually still thinks they’re single. Always out with friends at local pubs, sports games, shopping expeditions etc., you wouldn’t mind so much if you were occasionally invited to join in with your partner’s personal life.

Unfortunately though, you have become part of the furniture, the fixtures and fittings, and they probably wouldn’t even notice if you cheated on them – so, why not give them what they are happy with, and take advantage of the fact?

#10 Nil motivation. That dynamic go-getter you once knew has, well, kind of given up. They have no drive, and they seem to drag you into their personal pit of despair. There are no plans made to do anything grand, no attempts to better their lot or improve an existing situation, no suggestions or discussions about a better future at all.

The only future that seems to be suggesting itself is one where you end up married to a gigantic and characterless lump of play-dough. Would anyone hold it against you if you looked elsewhere? Probably not.

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