10 Partner Habits that Can Drive You to Cheat


Sometimes, you may be the one who ends up pushing your partner to cheat without even realizing it! Fed up with your relationship, but can’t bring yourself to cheat? Here are some annoying habit that that can drive you to cheat on your partner.

To make it worse, your friends are all out and about having the time of their lives, and telling you about each new romantic conquest at every opportunity, whilst you’re stuck indoors with the black hole that is your supposedly significant other.

Drive You to Cheat,10 Partner Habits that Can Drive You to Cheat

To cheat or not to cheat

It’s a tough question to be sure. Irrespective of whether your partner has turned into a troublesome, annoying lump of disinterest or not, can their behavior justify your cheating on them? For some, the answer to this question would be an emphatic “no.” For others a resounding “yes!” is in order.

The only person who can answer this question is you, the reader, and it depends very much upon your personal outlook. However, if you’re the kind of person who might just consider that the odd fling is justified, if you aren’t being treated as well as you could be by your partner, then the following ten behaviors are just some of those which may lead you to commit to that particular course of action. [Read: 5 Relationship Goals You should Know]

Irritating behaviors that might drive you to cheat

Though cheating in itself is an abhorrent thing to do, you can’t deny the fact that it can be very tempting, especially if your partner displays the following behavior.

#1 Flirting. This can often be a harmless enough habit, but done to excess or too earnestly, can be highly annoying. We all know these types – the octopus or the black widow spider – all over friends, family, colleagues, acquaintances or anyone within groping range at the merest drop of a hat.

They seem to feel such behavior is acceptable, and will plead innocence at every turn. But to pretty much the rest of the universe, these thinly disguised attempts at molestation are far from it. Highly annoying to all involved, if you’re going to use a behavior trait to justify cheating, it might as well be this one. [Read: Things That Ruin A Perfect Relationship]

#2 Being dismissive. Everybody wants to be listened to. It’s not at all a selfish thing, it’s just an indicator that your voice and opinion are respected, and who doesn’t want that? However, what you don’t want is to be continuously cut off mid-conversation, talked over, ignored or even sneered and laughed at – especially by your other half.

If you’ve ended up with the kind of oaf or prima-donna who feels that their opinion alone is deserving of being listened to, then you may well feel that such behavior justifies a little bit of cheating on the side. Maybe if they had listened, they’d have realized what was going on in your mind! [Read: Famous Movie Lines You Can Use to Woo a Guy or Girl]

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