2Pac – Hit ‘Em Up

2Pac - Hit 'Em Up mp3 download

2Pac – Hit ‘Em Up

Download 2Pac Hit ‘Em Up mp3 360kbps

Hit ‘Em Up mp3 is a song by 2pac released on June 4, 1996

The song contains the various insults to the several East Coast Rappers

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Hit ‘Em Up
2Pac  Hit ‘Em Up

2Pac – Hit ‘Em Up mp3

Spotted Lyrics: 2Pac – Hit ‘Em Up

First off, fuck your bitch and the click you claim
Westside when we ride come equipped with game
You claim to be a player but I fucked your wife
We bust on Bad Boy niggaz fucked for life
Plus Puffy tryin’ ta see me weak hearts I rip
Biggie Smalls and Junior M.A.F.I.A. Some mark-ass bitches
We keep on comin’ while we runnin’ for yo’ jewels
Steady gunnin, keep on bustin at them fools, you know the rules
Lil’ Ceaser, go ask ya homie how I leave ya
Cut your young ass up, leave you in pieces, now be deceased
Lil’ Kim,…

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