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Is The Beef Over? Who Stole The Beat, Wizkid Or Davido? Click To Findout

I was very bored and I decided to listen to some cool music. Wizkid’s “Ayo” Album I bought at Alaba International came to mind.
I inserted “Ayo” CD and I was enjoying the music until I got to track 9 For You- Wizkid Ft Akon. The song was on replay, I couldn’t get enough of it .

Few minutes later I went out to see a friend. on my way, I brought out my phone and went to my music player, I scrolled down to Davido’s Skelewu remix and what I found out will surprise you.

The beats were the same. I am very sure of this, I listened to the two songs very well and I did beat comparison. You can check it out yourself for confirmation. Download Davido’s Skelewu Remix and Wizkid’s For you Ft Akon.

We thought the beef was over when davido sent a congratulatory message to Wizkid for an album well done. I love wizkid and Davido, I want them to get along well, but I couldn’t hide this from my readers.

Who stole the beat? Davido or Wizkid? I guess someone got questions to answer.

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