Do You Know These Secrets Behind The Dollar Bill?

Like most forms of currency, the one dollar bill is decorated with innate and intricate designs, usually as an attempt to prevent forgery. But do you know what these symbols mean? Take a look at this six photos to find out the hidden messages and symbols you can find in American bills.
You might need a magnifying glass for this one, but if you look closely around the ‘webbing’ you can see what appears to be some sort of creature poking his head out. The most sensible theory behind this says it was put there as an anti-counterfeit measure. Others say it’s just an owl and some others believe it’s a skull upside down.


If you inspect the corners of the back side of the bill, you’ll be able to notice a very distinctive cross-shape behind the number 1. Some people believe it to be the symbol of the Maltese cross, which has been deliberately included as a hidden reference to the famed Knights of Malta. These Knights live to care for those in need like homeless, ill people and children.



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