Sound Sultan Signs New Management Deal With Temple Music Company

-Sound Sultan Signs New Management Deal With Temple Music Company-

Sound Sultan has employed the professional and experienced managerial hands of The Popular Temple Music Company To Manage his Affairs henceforth

He made this known in a post on his social media handle.

Revealing that the company will hence forth handle his management affairs.

He also posted a picture of himself  in the company which he captioned


With the new management we are expecting a more sellable artiste branding for the soundgod Soundsultan who hasn’t been in our faces a lot.

Even though, his name and mark he has made with his music remains indispensable.

But we do not see him commercializing much on that. although he’s been here and there lately

Also, he recently made claims of his financial affluence but believe  music success will help ascertain his claims as not just mere words but valid facts

So hence forth, you know who to contact when seeking an engagement with Soundsultan musically.

What is your take on this new move by Sound Sultan?

We’d like to hear your take on it.

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