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Should We Expect A New Album From Tekno?

-Should We Expect A New Album From Tekno?

– The singer talks about his new album on Instagram

Tekno signed to TrippleMG, seems to be doing more than baby daddy duties

Given, he recently welcomed his first child with his girlfriend Lola Rae.

We have been watching to see how he juggles daddy duties + boyfriend duties with his career.

The Jogodo hitmaker has never had an album to his name since he became a thing in the musical sphere

Although, he shows up every now and then, with hints on an album

The promised albums have never seemed to come to pass.

This time around He is assuring us that an album is on the way truly.

But first of all, he has to drop a single from the album titled Choko which will pave way for the release of the much-anticipated album.

Tekno has been breaking barriers internationally and nationally and doesn’t seem to be taking a break anytime soon.

Unlike Lola Rae his baby Mama who took a break from her music to mother his child.

While we await her comeback, Tekno is not here to take no daddy duties break

I mean, it is the least thing on his mind right now. Got to work hard to stay relevant musically

Hopefully this time around, Tekno will keep his promise, and release the album we have been waiting for



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