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See Why Burna Boy Will Not Be Voting In 2019 Election

-See Why Burna Boy Will Not Be Voting In 2019 Election-

Burna Boy the ‘Ye’ crooner is not here to play.

Unlike most celebrities who’s been campaigning for people to get their voters card

He on the other hand is using his influence to campaign for something completely different from the others

And he is not even holding back about it.

The singer has stated plainly that he will not be voting in 2019 for reasons he justified without holding back

He shared that the lots of the youths who will vote in 2019 for the same recycled old men eating deep into the flesh of our politics

Are also part of the problem Nigeria is facing.

Going on, he used Macron and Buhari to further drive home his point, not holding back in his use of sensitive language

Burna Boy thinks that if we keep voting for these lots our problems will only multiply and not be solved like we have been made to think

He’s out to not vote unless a youth decides to contest for the post of president

Just like France, he believes youthful hands are what we need.

Even on Macron’s visit to Nigeria he advised the youths to be involved more in the political happenings in Nigeria.

And we could only but agree with him, because it is high time the youths involved more and critic less.

Someone has to do it you know.

Burna Boy also had some good responses for people who asked him to elaborate more on his take about the twenty nineteen election.

Find his words and responses below.




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