Jim Iyke Explains Why He No Longer Features In Nollywood Movies

Explains Why He No Longer Features In Nollywood Movies-

Nollywood actor Jim Iyke Tagged the play boy of nollywood based on his regular movie roles playing a play boy has been really missed on screen

Especially his die hard fans who  at the time crushed on him without control.

I mean, what is there not to crush about? have you seen the Screen god in action?…You sure have

The last we saw him on our Tv screen was on one or two Foreign films and he killed the role as usual.

Only that he went incognito on us almost immediately…

I bet he heard your plights and has now come out to explain to you, his die hard fans why he has refused to feature in Nollywod filmsYes Nollywood films.

In an interview with Netng he revealed that Nollywood producers can no longer afford him

his figures are now in Millions and most Nollywood films are produced with less than the fee he would charge to play in them…do the maths

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So you see? your lover boy didn’t leave y’all…blame the producers in Nollywood who can;t pay our very own Hollywood standard Jim

Here are his words:

“I have not been away, it is the producers who cannot afford me. So, I know my worth. But I have been busy creating opportunities and jobs for Nigerian youths so that we all can live better lives,” he said.


He then revealed about the app he and his team are working on to help Job seekers find recruiters

If only Jim thought about the many of them ladies who the only Jobs they want is to see Jim on the big screen again

Going further into the interview he spoke about the new nollywood fine boys who are said to  lack creativity.

“I don’t think that is the case. It is wrong to say today’s artistes lack productivity and talent. When the likes of Ramsey Nuoah, Emeka Ike and I were acting, that was what was said about us as well, but I did not let it bother me. We learnt on the job and we got better with time. So I think the new crop of actors will also get better with time.”

So!  do you still want to  see Jim Iyke one your Tv screen some more?

Or are there better actors you’d rather see?

Tell us



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