How to check BVN | Works On All Network & Banks

BVN, How to check BVN

Here is a good BVN guide on how to check your BVN (bank Verification Number).

This BVN code works on all network.

Our attention has been drawn that many individuals are having difficulties check their bank verification number.

Banks sometimes request for individual BVN.

We are going to show you the right and faster way to check your BVN Number without an internet connection.

Steps On How to check BVN Using This code | Works On All Network & Banks

  • Take up your phone
  • Quickly dial *565*0#
  • Wait for some seconds, your BVN should appear.
  • Note: You will be charged 10 Naira or 20 Naira depends on your network

I will advise you to save the bank verification number on your phone, so you don’t have to always dial *565*0# when you want to check your bank verification number.

This will save you some money.

For more information on bank verification number, you can check their website

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