Lara George: Biography

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Lara George is a gospel singer, songwriter and recording artist and a licensed real estate Agent in Georgia, USA.

She is married to Gbenga George, a legal practitioner and music entrepreneur. They both have two kids together.

Lara George was born into the family of Oluwole Bajomo in Lagos State She attended Queen’s College, in Lagos State before proceeding to the University of Lagos, where she obtained a bachelor’s degree in Architecture

Lara began her musical career in the ‏University Of Lagos  were she  joined the campus fellowship choir. She was also a member of the Kush choir with Tybello  and many others.

Her debut album released in 2008 featured her hit single “Ijoba Orun“. The album earned her numerous awards and nominations.

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Lara George continues to minister to God through her calm and soothing form of music.

Her ultimate goal being for people. To discover God through listening to her music

No doubt, many have been turned to God through the deep and relatable messages in her songs.

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She has performed on numerous stages world wide alongside many other gospel acts and still  leads many into the pure love of God.

She continues to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ while joggling between her family, career. Spiritual and personal life.

Her music is available on many offline and online platforms worldwide.

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