6 Ways To Know A Potential Wife Beater

It is ideal for every wife-to-be to spot a potential wife beater before she marry him!
Hitting, Shoving.,Domestic violence, Wife-beating, Shrouded in fear, shame and guilt, so many women are afraid to speak out.

Brutal beatings sometimes end in the death of one or the other partner(or even both partners in murder-suicides) in the worst case scenarios.

I have seen and heard of ladies who get into relationships and even with all the warning signs of potential domestic violence screaming at them, they do not leave the relationship. When a man hits you while you are dating, it bodes ill for the marriage as problems like this only get worse.
So my sister, before you end up marrying this smooth-talking man, here are some clues that he may be prone to using his fists:


1. Over reaction:
Does he blow his top just because you burnt the dinner and come at you in a heated rage? Does he get angry over things that most people would brush aside? This is not a good thing. The quality of self control or impulse control is there to make you rein in your actions when your feelings are threatening to take over. A man who consistently over reacts, has poor impulse control. The next time his impulses feel like giving you a “beat-down”, he will just give in.

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