5 Things You Should Never Keep In Your Bathroom

Things You Should Never Ever Keep In Your Bathroom – The bathroom may be the hub of your morning routine, but keeping all your AM essentials in the medicine cabinet may actually be exposing you to harmful bacteria and toxins. It turns out that a bunch of the items we use on a daily basis may be damaged by a bathroom’s warm, wet environment. Click through the slideshow to find out what needs relocating, stat.



If there’s one thing that everyone keeps in the bathroom, it’s a toothbrush. But scientists say you should do so at your own risk, especially if you’ve got roommates. Researchers from Quinnipiac University found fecal matter on 60% of toothbrushes kept in shared bathrooms, regardless of how the toothbrush was stored. And flushing with the toilet lid down won’t necessarily save you from expelled bacteria. Using a toothbrush cover promotes bacteria growth because it doesn’t allow the brush to dry out in between uses—so you’re out of luck there, too. As ridiculous as it sounds, it’s best to let your brush air-dry in another room of the house.

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