13 Year Old Girl Arrested With Explosive Vest In Kano

15 years old Sucide Bomber

Security operatives say they have put into custody a girl in Kano State with explosive vest.

The girl whose name is Zahra’u Babban Gida, told security operatives that she was abducted from Bauchi State. The girls age has not been disclosed but reporters believe she would be around 13 years of age, alleges that she was not conscious until, when she was released by her kidnappers who are suspected to be the terrorist sect Boko Haram and strapped to an explosive vest.

Babban Gida was apprehended by security operatives opposite Kantin-Kwari textile market, the same area where a bomb went off two weeks ago, in which two alleged female suicide bombers detonated explosives, killing many.

Alhaji Tashid Aderile Shinaba who is the Kano State Commissioner of Police says officers apprehended the girl because her movements were suspicious. She was later taken to headquarters for investigation, where the police were joined by operatives of the State Security Service.

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