Woman Finally Gets 20 Year Old Cyst Popped… This Is DISGUSTING!

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When one woman got tired of living with the 20-year-old cyst on her head, she headed to the show ‘The Doctors’ to share her removal with the live studio audience.

Dermatologist Dr. Sandra Lee, aka Dr. Pimple Popper, gets ready to slice open the cyst in front of the live studio audience to finally get rid of it.



The woman, Desiree, shares that the cyst started growing when she was a teenager. She hit her head and noticed that a lump had developed. She ignored it at first, as it only started to get very large in the past few years.

cyst-pops- doctor

First, Dr. Lee makes an incision on the cyst, which they named Arthur. Dr. Lee gets right to it, squeezing out all of the gunk that was hiding in that cyst. There was pus everywhere! Good thing Dr. Lee’s got her gloves and a mask on--you wouldn’t want to risk getting any of that stuff on your skin. Just thinking about it makes us gag.20-year-old-cyst-pops-again

The video was censored to show only a few parts of the procedure, but the live studio audience was able to watch the whole thing! Judging by their faces, we might be better off not seeing it.



While many people would ask how this woman would be able to live with that huge cyst on her head for so many year, Desiree claims that she was easily able to hide the lump up until last year.

Most cysts don’t pose a serious health risk, so many people choose not to get them removed unless they grow too large and become uncomfortable.

With Desiree’s cyst finally gone and her head healed up nicely, new hair started growing back, as if it were never there. RIP Arthur.


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