Top 5 Nepalese Richest People

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Nepal is a small country with GDP of $19 billion but We often hear people in Nepal saying “Government here is poor not the people”. Many Nepalese have made their fortune by going abroad and investing in several business. In fact, most of the people here have now taken citizenship of foreign country. We have listed out some of the richest people who are currently Nepali and some have already thrown Nepali citizenship for foreign country.

Top 5 Richest Person in Nepal

1. Binod Chaudhary

Balaram Chainrai,Nepalese Richest People


Binod Chaudhary tops the list of richest people in Nepal with net worth over $1 billion. He came into limelight after getting listed in Forbes list in 2013. He is officially the first billionaire from Nepal. He is the CEO of CG group of Nepal. Wai Wai is the most famous product of CG. He runs a blog to share his experiences and also have published his autobiography.

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