Top 10 Highest Paid Female Musician for 2015

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The female ( musician ) artists who have been named by Forbes as the highest paid female musician for 2015 would probably have something to say about that. First on the list is a singer and entertainer who checked in with earnings of over $25 million during the scoring period that was used by Forbes. That is not a figure to sneeze at, particularly when you realize that the woman who made that massive amount of money was not nearly as busy as she has been in prior years. She very well may climb in next year’s edition of this list.

The two highest paid women in music for 2015 have allegedly been involved in a public feud for some time. This is the entertainment industry that we are talking about, of course, so it is possible that those two intelligent women are merely looking for ways to generate headlines and buzz as have many others before them. Regardless of whether or not those two women do have “bad blood” between them, there is no denying that both of them have earned small fortunes since bursting onto the scene. There can be only one winner in this list, and she has bragging rights over the singer-songwriter who may be her foe.

10. Rihanna: $26 Million 


As was pointed out by the Forbes piece, Rihanna had somewhat of a quiet year compared to what she has been used to in the past. The website states that Rihanna played a total of nine dates during the scoring period utilized to determine the highest paid women in music for 2015. Do not plan on seeing Rihanna in the basement of such a list for long. Her new album Anti should help her cause and then some. Rihanna is also expected to hit the road for shows that will help her promote her new project and also bring in some cash along the way. Still, $26 million isn’t shabby for a “down” year.

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