13 Times Wrestlers Refused To Do Their Jobs (With Photos)

 Wrestlers Refused To Do Their Jobs – Today the business is much different; we rarely see these Kayfabe stories anymore. The days of wrestlers like Stone Cold Steve Austin walking out are pretty much gone. Which begs the question, are the glory days from the Attitude era in wrestling dead forever? Let’s now take a look at these 13 wrestlers that went against orders at one time or another and refused to do their jobs. These wrestlers had that attitude era mentality in their blood. Enjoy!

13) The Rock: Refuses To Work With Shawn Michaels

The rock

What would have been an absolute classic was surprisingly turned down by The Rock. During an episode ofThe Ross Report, Michaels broke the news that The Rock turned down a match against the Showstopper. According to Shawn, Patterson asked Michaels about doing a program with The Rock, and Michaels was excited about the possibility having never fought against The Rock before. When The Rock was asked about the match, Shawn claims Rock simply said he wasn’t interested.

The Rock has also refused to work some angles in the ring. One that comes to mind was with Bubba Dudley in a tag match. Bubba was extremely ticked off when The Rock refused to take a spot that Bubba had come up with. The plan was for Stacy Keibler to distract The Rock, allowing the Dudleys to take over the match. The Rock agreed with Bubba that it would be a good idea, but just not for his image. Originally, Bubba thought it was a joke, but ultimately realized it was not and The Rock was really not on board.

The Rock also initially refused to take shots from Cena during their build off to their clash at WrestleMania. Rocky wasn’t too comfortable with John’s personal attacks pertaining to his Hollywood career. This time Rock would not get his way, and Cena was given the green light to fire on all cylinders.

12) Kevin Nash and Scott Hall: Creative Control


Despite all the success that WCW had in the mid 90s, the company backstage was an absolute mess. The newcomers Hall and Nash were given creative control in their guaranteed contracts, which allowed them to pretty much do whatever they wanted. Nash and Hall would go on to make their own angles and constantly refuse story lines that WCW asked them to work. An irate Bischoff sent them a message by firing Sean Waltman since the duo were untouchable with their guaranteed contracts. The situation would only get worse and soon enough, all the top stars were doing what they wanted, including Hulk Hogan who we will discuss about later on in this article. It remains a big question mark as to how WCW would be if all the big stars didn’t have as much power to do what they wanted.


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