Things That Ruin A Perfect Relationship

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A lot of people believe that love is all you need to secure a relationship.

No support:
when some terrible things happen in life, we ask for support and it is not given, this might end the relationship if care is not taken.

Emotionally starvation: this happens when your partner fails to give you affection. And might make you feel unwanted or unloved. You may feel your partner is an enemy.

Criticism: this is a good and bad tool. But It can be a very helpful tool when it is used in the right context and when it is asked for. You have to deliver a goods when it is asked for. But if you
turn to criticism every single day to bring someone down. You might mad the person mad at you.
This can spoil a relationship, if care is not taken.

Silence: when in discussion, if you shut your partner out, he/she male feel rejected and this hurt a lot.

Being Negative: you change yourself, you and your partner, start acting negatively.

That’s all I can say for today. If you have any questions, pls kindly let me know in the comment box or you have a relationship issue and need advice, kindly send it to us via mail

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