Rihanna Loved Up with Chris Brown’s Head Tattoos

Rihanna loved up with Chris Brown’s tattoos! Rihanna Thinks They’re ‘Edgy & Sexy. is totally diggin’ what Chris has done to his body, source claim’s rihanna is hoping to see more!

According to Hollywoodlife:

Add this piece to the puzzle that’s the relationship between Rihanna, 28, and Chris Brown, 26! Though Chris is been getting a hard time since tattooing his head, Rihanna totally supports his decision to get inked; in fact, she completely loves it!chris-brown-new-head-tattoo-bull-ftr

We know that Rihanna loves tattoos; she has a few herself, and even did some tattooing once! Chris is covered in tattoos, and his decision to add a few more to his skull has intrigued the “BBHMM” singer. It’s definitely a unique place to add fresh ink.

“[Rihanna thinks] he’s brave for getting tats on his head,” a source told HollywoodLife.com EXCLUSIVELY. “That’s not the most pleasant spot on the body to get inked. Rihanna loves it though. She thinks it’s sexy and edgy. Just like Rihanna, Chris is an artist. This is what they do. This is simply a form of expression and Chris is one of the best at it.”

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She certainly has a point there! Chris uses art to express himself, whether it’s through his music, or painting murals, so why not let his body be a canvas as well? His newest tattoos, a large depiction of a bull and the Venus de Milo, the Greek goddess of love and beauty, are inked on the back of his head, stretching to both sides of his skull. They’re nothing amateur; this is definitely masterful work.

Chris showed off his finished piece on Instagram August 26, captioned with “I do what the f–k I want! #rockstar #500 #onehellofanight #legendarynight @iamkingrico.” We all know that Chris doesn’t listen to what anyone tells him to do already; no need to spell it! But this time, it might actually be necessary; Royalty‘s mother, Nia Guzman, is taking the opposite approach from Rihanna and begging Chris to stop getting tattoos after this last batch.

Nia’s of the mindset that once Chris is covered head-to-toe in tats, Royalty will be terrified of her daddy. That’s such a heartbreaking thought! Let’s hope everyone can work out their issues over this art — it’s just a little ink, everybody!


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