6 Of The Rarest Medical Sickness The World Has Ever Seen

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Rarest Medical Sickness- There are a few medical conditions that almost everyone is aware of, but there are many more that people don’t usually hear about. The world is full of rare conditions that are almost hard to believe, like conditions that turn people into vampires, or to be born with an extra limb. Here are some of the world’s most rare medical conditions:

Xeroderma Pigmentosum. This conditions is also known as ‘vampire syndrome,’ because it makes a person extremely sensitive to UV, forcing them to stay indoors to prevent extreme sunburns that could cause a breakdown of the skin.rarest-medical-Sickness 1


Fish Odor Syndrome. This condition is an inherited metabolic disorder that causes a person’s breath, sweat, and urine to give off the scent of decaying fish. The odor is caused by an enzyme deficiency that prevents the breakdown of trimethylamine. Unfortunately, it’s incurable.

6-rarest-medical-sickness 2


Achromia. This condition is more commonly known as albinism and causes a complete absence of color in the hair, skin, and eyes. It’s caused by a defect involved in the production of melanin, essentially making the person affected completely colorless.rarest-medical-sickness


Oligodactyly. This condition means that a person was born with four or fewer fingers or toes per their hand or foot.



Polymelia. No, there isn’t an issue with your vision. Polymelia is a real birth defect that causes a person to be born with extra limbs. This could result in a person having four arms, or three legs. One famous case of the disease was Frank Lentini, a man born with three legs and four feet, who was a famous circus performer.

rarest-medical-sickness four hand


Nevus of Ota. This condition is a degeneration of the eye, and causes extreme pigmentation in the eyeball. While it does look serious, it doesn’t actually affect a person’s vision, merely the appearance of the eye.
 rarest-medical-sickness-nevus of ota

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