Obasanjo Returns 200 million Dollars To The Nation

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Obasanjo Returns 200 Million Dollars He Stole From Nigeria’s National Cake And Also Made Promise

Gen Obasanjo

Former President Olusegun Obasanjo (O.B.J) will amaze nigerians and the political caucus has he just this morning returned 200 million dollars to the federal government of nigeria and also promised to release names with nigerian money and will expose if those who do not follow his lead and return “what belongs to the Nigerian people” as he put it, an official announcement of this development will be made tomorrow, Thursday, 9th April 2015.

we look forward to Tomorrow but wait does this really means the change nigerians look forward to has commence already ????
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  1. Just a slice of it.. What of more than 6 billion dollars in credit Suisse bank alone not to talk about UBS bank and others?…

  2. igbokwe olisa pual on

    I think is a new development and as well, welcome idea. since he has the money and pocket it since then, he should be arrested because if our country (Nigeria) had invested the money on something it would’ve given birth to 30million dollars. thank God for given us buhari who scared all these political brouhaha’s. I believe that such open confession have never been done in this country and is a beginning of so called change the APC MENTION.

  3. If it is only this 200 million dollars that ex president OBJ stole and returned then he did not steal anything. He is innocent

  4. He should not return the money.
    He rather use the money build companies in various state and city and employ Thousands of unemployed Nigerians.
    Now he return the money,am pretty sure the money is lost and won’t be found forever because some one else will steal it and all is gone.

  5. He shouldn’t return the money. He rather use the money build many companies in the State and cities and employe many unemployed Nigerians.
    Now he return the money someone else will steal it and all gone forever.

  6. Tochinolives on

    Propaganda after returning d money what nxt. Yet we still have people suffering in the streets. What abt d one in swizz bank we re too old to b fooled

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